5 Ways to Embrace the Independently Strong Female

5 Ways to Embrace the Independently Strong Female

A majority of my Natural Selection San Diego matchmaking clients are female business professionals. They have sacrificed their time and energy focusing on building careers doing what they love. They are passionate, purposeful and internally driven to succeed. These ladies invest in a matchmaker to find them quality prospects as they are intelligent, problem solvers who realize they need help navigating the dating hemisphere.

I absolutely love the complexity of my female clients. These women are movers and shakers who have created a successful way of life for themselves. They are highly intelligent, financially independent, physically attractive and have a tough time meeting men who embrace their strong personality.

Men, please read carefully the following 5 guidelines to understanding and embracing this rare breed of independent women:

BE YOURSELF – she is smarter than you and will quickly figure out that you are full of shit if you are not transparent and forthcoming.

EMBRACE HER STRENGTH – please don’t be intimidated by her, she will smell the weakness on your breath.  Do not try to control her, it will never work as you will suffocate her with your controlling ways.

BE DIRECT – she does not want a man who beats around the bush. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

BE A LISTENER– she has complex problems and trusts and confides in you to listen objectively. She does not want you to solve her problems. She needs you to listen and be engaged in what she is saying so she can figure it out for herself.

BE DECISIVE-she doesn’t want to lead all the time. When she asks you what you want to do for dinner she is asking you to make a decision.

I also want to mention that Alpha males and Alpha females are typically not a good match. You both will attempt to dominate one another and it will be your downfall.  Alpha males will not back down or compromise and Alpha females can escalate an already intense situation.

These strong, independent types want a complex relationship. They want a partner who will listen and is kind but who is also assertive and confident. You have to have the perfect mix of education, internal strength and drive, compassion and insightfulness. You two will bring out the best in one another and balance each other out as you take life’s ups and downs in stride.

If you are in San Diego and looking to meet one of these phenomenal ladies please feel free to reach out via my website contact form.

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